The Tapash Sustainable Forest Collaborative launched the Manastash-Taneum Resilient Landscape Restoration Project (MTRL-RP) as a flagship effort to demonstrate cross-ownership, integrated terrestrial and aquatic landscape scale ecosystem restoration that benefit people and nature. 

Restoration projects will seek to balance ecological objectives with economic viability, produce commercial timber products where possible and maintain a diversity of sustainable recreational opportunities.

Manastash Taneum Landscape – Washington Resource Conservation & Development Council June 2019

Following the Okanogan-Wenatchee Restoration Strategy, a landscape evaluation was completed in early 2015 followed by a series of land manager workshops and field tours to discuss priority areas based on the evaluation and the aquatic and terrestrial objectives agreed to by partners at the onset of planning. Based on additional analysis and feedback from partners, an updated publication was released in May 2016 “Manastash-Taneum Resilient Landscape Project: Landscape Evaluations and Prescriptions”. In the spring of 2016, National Public Radio goes into the woods with foresters who are learning a new technique for designing timber sales in the Manastash-Taneum. [LINK DOESN’t WORK ANYMORE]

Accomplishments in the Manastash - Taneum Resilient Landscape in 2016

  • 5 acres floodplain improvement for Taneum Creek Road 3300 realignment (USFS)
  • Fish passage improvements including the removal of fish blockages, fence removal, flood debris repositioning (DNR, Yakama and WDFW)
  • 0.75 miles in-stream wood replenishment completed (WDFW)
  • 73,000 trees planted on 550 post-burn acres (TNC)
  • 15 acres non-commercial thinning in uplands adjacent to streams (Yakama Nation/WDFW)
  • 573 acres commercial timber harvest (DNR)
  • 1,243 acres of commercial harvest Pre-Sale Layout (WDFW)
  • 6 miles of shaded fuel break contract awarded for work in 2017 (DNR)
  • 17 acres of land purchased along Taneum Creek floodplain (WDFW)
  • 181 acres layout for 2017 pre-commercial thin (WDFW)
  • Prescribed Fire completed xx acreage (WDFW, TNC, Washington Prescribed Fire Council)
  • Funding awarded by Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program for 950 acres of forest thinning, and helicopter placement of large wood for floodplain restoration, North Fork Manastash Creek
  • Adjacent Kittitas Fire Adapted Communities Coalition formed

Manastash in the News!

  • In the Spring 2016, Northwest Public Broadcasting went into the woods with foresters who are learning a new technique for designing timber sales in the Manastash-Taneum.