Job: Stewardship and Outreach Assistant (for Okanogan Land Trust and The Nature Conservancy)

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Looking to support the type of work that Tapash engages in? The Nature Conservancy and Okanogan Land Trust are hiring Student Conservation Association (SCA) out of Okanogan. Read the job posting below or click the link to apply for the position.

Expected Dates: April 5, 2021 to September 19, 2021

Site: The Nature Conservancy Washington State

Position ID: PO-00731199

The Nature Conservancy in WA (TNC) and the Okanogan Land Trust (OLT) are looking to recruit an SCA member with a love of working outside, and willingness to take on multiple kinds of tasks (indoors and out), to support our conservation goals in North Central Washington. North Central WA encompasses a landscape of ponderosa pine forests, sagebrush steppe, salmon-supporting streams and rugged highlands. TNC stewards the Barker Mountain Preserve here, and OLT works with landowners and residents to protect natural areas throughout the region. This position will conduct field stewardship work at Barker Mountain Preserve in coordination with TNC staff and assist with a wide range of tasks for Okanogan Land Trust, who will serve as the local hosts for this internship.

This position will be based in the town of Okanogan but travel throughout the area for field work and community outreach.

This position will work with TNC on (approximately 30% of position duties):

  • Annual preserve field monitoring
  • Invasive plant management (including herbicide application) and field monitoring 
  • Complete fence monitoring, maintenance and other property maintenance 
  • May work with TNC to plan and host a volunteer work party, COVID-19 conditions permitting 
  • May work with TNC to plan and host a public outreach event, COVID-19 conditions permitting

This position will work with Okanogan Land Trust on (approximately 70% of position duties): 

  • Field-based monitoring (landowner contact, field review, write monitoring report and mailing) 
  • OLT outreach, educational, and volunteer events, COVID-19 conditions permitting 
  • OLT climate strategy support 
  • GIS work and baseline reports for conservation easements
  • Communications such as newsletters, social media, website design and/or content 
  • Accreditation support: compiling documentation of monitoring, budgets, and due diligence  
  • Other duties as assigned, such as data/document organization and budget tracking

Compensation amounts:
– $1,100 – one time RT travel allowance
– $250 – weekly living allowance
– $55 – weekly commuting allowance
– $600 – monthly housing allowance (6 months of housing)
– AmeriCorps eligible ($3,097 education award)

*All allowances subject to applicable federal, state, and local taxes

Due to Covid-19, events, duties, and trainings are subject to change. Specific tasks may be changed or canceled to maintain safe conditions for this position, staff, and/or the local community. At this time, applicants should expect to work remotely via laptop when not in the field and adhere to field-safety guidelines for minimizing Covid-19 risk. These expectations include (but are not limited to) driving in separate vehicles to and from field sites, maintaining 6ft of distance from others, wearing masks in the field, sanitizing equipment and vehicles, and self-certification health checks.

Desired skills and abilities:

  • Willingness to work in variable weather conditions, at remote locations, on difficult and hazardous terrain and under physically demanding circumstances
  • Interest in developing professional experience in land conservation
  • Experience with herbicide application, fencing and/or other field work
  • Experience with GIS and GPS for natural resource applications
  • Interest/Experience in working with the public in volunteer management and/or education contexts
  • General computer aptitude: Microsoft Office applications, social media platforms, etc.
  • Database skills, including managing and tracking data, and producing reports
  • Ability to write and edit written materials for use with program communications and special events
  • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Experience organizing time and managing diverse activities to meet deadlines
  • Public speaking and/or teaching experience
  • Self-starter; able to work independently, make progress without direct oversight, and communicate proactively with supervisors and colleagues in remote situations
  • Location Description: Okanogan Land Trust headquarters (Okanogan, WA) and Barker Mountain Preserve (TNC)
  • Training Provided: Tablet-based field monitoring, herbicide application and safety, defensive driving skills, orientation to area and organizations, field stewardship tasks, volunteer work party planning and management.
  • Educational/Recreational Opportunities: This is an excellent opportunity to see how two different land conservation organizations work; one tied closely to local community and the other with a local-to-global approach. The area offers nature-based recreation for all kinds of outdoor interests.
  • Main Area of Focus: Natural Resources MgmtE

Education, Training & Skills Expected:

  • Biology – some coursework or experience
  • Education – some coursework or experience
  • Forestry – some coursework or experience
  • Resource Management – some coursework or experience
  • GPS – some experience
  • Hand Tools – competent with supervision
  • Social Media – competent without supervision
  • Community Engagement – competent with supervision
  • Volunteer Coordination – some experience