About 10 years ago the Tapash Collaborative and the US Forest Service were awarded funding through the Collaborative Forest Restoration Act. The Little Naches Working Group was born under the umbrella of Tapash to help the USFS connect with stakeholders who have a wealth of local knowledge and deep commitment to this watershed.

A restored forest (c) TNC

By 2014 the project working group had grown to about 40 members and established a steering committee made up of one representative from each of the six subgroups: Vegetation, Special Use Permits, Economics, Recreation, Wildlife, and Aquatics. In March 2015 the first project to come out of this working group, the Little Crow project, went to scoping.

(c) The Nature Conservancy

Accomplishments in the Little Naches 2013-2019

  • 711 Acres of elk forage & huckleberry habitat enhanced through a combination of prescribed fire and mechanical thinning
  • 1.5 Miles critical habitat restored fro bull trout and steelhead by log placements in streams
  • 3 miles of unmaintained roads decommissioned to improve stream connectivity
  • 3 Millions dollars or more of net revenue (retained receipts) that will be directed to future restoration projects
  • 1,000 hours donated by volunteers ANNUALLY, to restore & improve motorized system trails
  • 630 Jobs directly and indirectly timber related
  • 5,248 Acres acquired by USFS since 2013
  • 47 Miles of roads improved
  • 35 Populations of rare plants protected
  • 300 Acres of invasive plants controlled
  • 5 Years baseline monitoring for wildlife

Want to know more about the Little Naches? Check out the documents below!

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